Farhan Srambiyan
Farhan Srambiyan
Posted on Nov 17, 2023

In the context of creating and managing a WordPress website, the importance of the right training resources is immeasurable. If you’re a newbie on WordPress or just a webmaster searching for some ways to increase your website’s effectiveness, there are lots of resources available on the web.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS tools all over the world.

Why is WordPress Training Important? 

1. Ease of Use

However user-friendly as WordPress may be, it is not easy to operate without some degree of familiarity. Through training, users may learn how to navigate WordPress’s dashboard, create/edit posts or pages as well and control media files.

2. Optimal Website Management

Training makes it possible for users to effectively manage WordPress websites. These include updating themes and plugins, tweaking site performance, and security checks.

3. Content Creation

Training can teach the right approach to content creation and formatting, which would be of great importance when it comes to the use of WordPress for its core function, which is content management. Knowing how to work with built-in editors, use images and multimedia, and make content SEO-friendly is also important.

4. Customization

With its numerous themes and plugins, WordPress can fully transform any website. Training can educate users on theme selection, plugin installation, and configuration, as well as aesthetical design variations for branding alignment.

5. Security

Knowing the Best Practices for WordPress Security will save your website from potential attacks. Some of these modules could include user roles and passwords, secure passwords and plugins, and user roles.

The Best WordPress Training Resources Revealed (Free and Paid)

1. WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials for Beginners

In case you are a beginner, WPBeginner is ideal for you if you are just venturing into WordPress. WordPress provides a collection of tutorials, guides, and videos, which are all available on this website right from the basic installation to advanced areas such as theme customizations as well as WordPress development. The tutorials are simple in writing, thus easy to read through by novices who can learn as they proceed on their own.

Aside from tutorials, WPBeginner’s toolbox comprises numerous free tools meant to improve your WordPress website. They are equipped with useful plugins and beautiful themes that will help to make your website unique, among others. If you are a newbie on WordPress or an expert user, WPBeginner has to be in your toolkit.

2. WordPress Tutorials for Businesses by Marketing With WP

Therefore, Marketing with WP proves to be the perfect tool for business people or marketers willing to utilize WordPress for their business activities. WordPresstutorial.com is a site that features all that businesses require when using WordPress. Marketing With WP covers everything from setting up an e-commerce store to optimizing your website for search engines.

Unique is Marketing With WP as they offer practical, action-oriented advice that companies can implement immediately. Real case studies and practical examples help businesses implement the strategies onto their own websites. If you are serious about using WordPress for your business growth, this book is a must-read resource.

3. WordPress.org Documentation

If one prefers formal sources on WordPress, then he or she would be better served turning to WordPress.org documentation. The purpose of this report is to offer a comprehensive hands-on guide on the installation, setup and configuration of WordPress all the way to its complex modification and development. This is one booklet to follow as a starter or an accomplished user.

The documentation of WordPress.org is nicely put together, making it simple to access desired information in no time. It provides coding examples to boot up projects fast enough. Should you wish to get genuine information about WordPress, WordPress.org documentation is one of the best sources.

4. WP101 – WordPress Video Tutorials Service

However, if you would rather learn using visual tutorials, you should consider WP 101. WP101 has a professional collection of video tutorials that include all the necessary information for using WordPress. Their video tutorials will take you from just starting with WordPress to becoming the ultimate WordPress Pro!

What is unique about the company WP101 is its good video tutorials. They have been produced in good quality, and one is able to follow them clearly with all stages defined properly. If you are a visual learner or just prefer video rather than text, then WP101 is a great tool that will make the next step for your WordPress knowledge.

5. Kinsta Blog – WordPress Tutorials and Resources

One of the most managed WordPress hosting providers is Kinsta. There are a lot of WordPress instructions and info on the website’s blog. The company’s website, Kinsta, contains numerous articles that address various aspects of developer needs, catering to both newbies and seasoned practitioners. The Kinsta Blog offers an excellent array of articles. If you need tips on website performance optimization, check out “Getting Started with Performance Optimization” or dig into “WordPress Security.

The writers’ experience and insight are what really make the Kinsta blog unique. These blog posts are authored by WordPress specialists who have real experiences with WordPress for authenticity. For those who are serious about mastering WordPress, the Kinsta blog cannot be a missed resource.

6. WP Apprentice – WordPress Tutorials Agency

With WP Apprentice, you can find exactly what you need — a complete, all-inclusive WordPress instructional course. WP Apprentice provides a list of training courses that cover everything from basic WordPress techniques to complex ones, such as theme development and plugin customization. They have training programs that will make you go from a learner to an expert sequentially.

What makes WP Apprentice different in this regard is their methods of practical learning. Practical exercises and assignments can be included in their training so that things learned will be put to use in real life. If you are a beginner looking for hands-on WordPress training as well as more advanced WordPress users, there is the ideal training program at WP Apprentice depending on your needs.

7. IsItWP Blog

One of the leading sites on this subject, isitWP, provides all kinds of WordPress materials and also maintains a blog about various themes. This blog presents tutorials, manuals and advice on different issues concerning WordPress: how installing its first versions looks like, simple and advanced ways to configure it, and how experienced developers can use its possibilities. There are a lot of useful posts for beginners and pros in any field where IsItWP blog is involved.

The only thing that makes this IsItWP blog different from others is that it gives practical advice that one can put into use immediately. You can follow a step-by-step guide through the posts, all written in readable order without any complexities attached. IsItWP is another great source of pragmatic tips and wisdom relating to WordPress usage.

8. DreamHost Blog

DreamHost is a widely-known web host, and their blog can be very helpful for WordPress enthusiasts. The DreamHost blog has many articles that span from basic tutorials for beginners to advanced techniques for experienced developers. The DreamHost blog is where you will find everything, whether it’s a tip on optimizing your website performance or an in-depth guide on WordPress security.

Unlike most other blogs, DreamHost has chosen to concentrate on providing technical content that is detailed and insightful. WordPress experts write all the blog posts, thereby providing you with accurate and comprehensive information on the platform. If you want to excel in WordPress, then the DreamHost blog is definitely one of the resources you have to look into.

9. WPCrafter – WordPress Tutorials for Non-Techies

For a non-techie wishing to learn WordPress, WPCrafter is the ideal destination. The tutorials and guides provided by WPCrafter cater to non-tech savvy individuals. You could be in for an incredible experience if you are looking to build your website as a blogger, small owner or an individual. You are in good hands with WPCrafter, which can equip you with everything you need to start using WordPress.

Unlike other firms, WPCrafter prioritizes simplicity. The tutorials are in plain English, with video demos to show non-technical users how to follow along. So it’s very important if you want to learn WordPress not to become overwhelmed by technical terms, WPCrafter is just right for this.

10. Hostinger WordPress Tutorials

The website of Hostinger, a renowned web hosting provider, offers numerous WordPress tutorials. Whether a newbie or a veteran user, there is always something useful for everyone on the Hostinger Web site. Their tutorials range from basic setup and configuration to advanced techniques for seasoned developers.

One key feature that distinguishes Hostinger is an emphasis on offering practical walkthrough tutorials. They are simple to follow up and comprehend, consisting of well understood explanations as well as pictures to help guide you while using the software. Hostinger is an ideal resource when it comes to learning how to work with WordPress practically.

11. WPExplorer

Some popular websites offering various WordPress-related resources include WPExplorer, which offers tutorials, guides and tips. WPExplorer offers numerous tutorials that cater to people at different levels, such as beginners, intermediate ones, and even well-experienced developers. Whether you are just starting out or experienced in WordPress, you will find something useful on WPExplorer.

The difference with WPExplorer is that they offer thorough tutorials. The tutorial is presented in a reader-friendly manner, using screenshots and steps to accomplish it. The WPExplorer tutorials provide one of the most useful resources for anyone who is committed to being accomplished in WordPress.

12. Learn WordPress – Astra Blog

Astra is a widely used WordPress theme; thus, its blog contains many tutorial and resource that benefits other WordPress users. Some of the discussed topics in the Astra blog include WordPress setup and more advanced personalization strategies. Astra Blog will have something in store for any newbie or seasoned user.

However, unlike other blogs that offer tutorials to WP users in general, the Astra blog offers tutorials with specific content for Astra users. For these, there are tutorials on the instruction and use of Astra that will help in customizing one’s website as required. Finally, if you are an Astra user who would like to get more from your usage, Astrablog is another site worth visiting.

13. WPJohnny

WPJohnny WordPress blog with tutorials and other resources for WordPress users. The tutorials include everything from WordPress installation to complicated WordPress customization and development techniques. There is something for everyone in the WPJohnny blog, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned user.

What differentiates WPJohnny is that they offer well-explained, step-by-step tutorials. The tutorials have an easy to follow and understand instructions with clear explanations and screenshots that guide you through the process. When it comes to mastering WordPress, the WPJohnny blog is one you should not miss.

14. WP Speed Matters

WP Speed Matters is a site offering tutorials and a wealth of helpful materials to people with an interest in improving WordPress sites’ speed and efficiency. The tutorials address various topics, from simple performance optimization methods to advanced caching and CDN setups. Whether you are a novice or experienced one, there is something for you here at the WP Speed Matters website.

The distinguishing feature of WP Speed Matters is practical and action-oriented advice. These tutorials comprise practical tutorials that offer step-by-step instructions and screenshots that can guide you in implementing the optimization techniques yourself. With WP Speed Matters, you would have no reason to ignore this resource in making your WordPress website fast and efficient.

15. Acowebs

Acowebs is a leading WordPress and WooCommerce plugin development company with more than 100,000 happy customers. They are having a a detailed WordPress blog section in their website which talks about various WordPress  and WooCommerce related fixes and customizations using plugins. They have many tutorials related to their plugins which can guide even a layman to set up those on their own.


Finally, mastering this powerful blog-based content management system demands proper access to the right WordPress training resources. There are abundant resources for WordPress users, whether newbie or seasoned, which aid in the development of skills and taking one’s website to another level. This article contains the best of the best resources, including tutorials as well as free tutorials and documentation up to paid training programs and video tutorials. Therefore, exploit these resources and begin your path to success in WordPress right now!

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