WordPress Malware Removal

WordPress Malware Removal

At WPClerks, we provide services to help secure your WordPress website from malware. Safeguard your website from malicious viruses with the support of WordPress Malware removal experts.

Infections We Remove

We offer a comprehensive WordPress malware removal service to secure your WordPress website from any external threats and data loss.

WordPress Database Migration
WordPress malware removal

With WordPress malware removal service we provide hassle-free services in securing your website.

Hosting Migrations
Google Blacklist

We help prevent your website from Google blacklisting by removing malware and ensuring online safety.

Domain Migrations
Google SERP Warnings

Tired of Google serp warnings? Our malware removal services ensure your website's updated security.

Content Migrations
WordPress SQL injection

With our malware removal service, we constantly update your website to remove any vulnerability to malware threats.

Template Migrations
WordPress Phishing

With our experts committed to safeguarding your sensitive information, worry not about WordPress phishing attempts.

Template Migrations
WordPress Backdoors

Our experts will guard your site from backdoor attacks by locating and destroying any unauthorised access to your website.

Template Migrations
WordPress Pharma Hacks

We have dedicated experts diligently monitoring your website to ensure protection from WordPress Pharma hack.

Template Migrations
Japanese SEO Spam

With our WordPress malware removal service, we detect and remove any Japanese SEO spam.

Why Our WordPress Malware Removal Services?

With WPclerks' excellent online security experts, trust us as your best partner for effective and reliable WordPress malware removal services.

Hassle-free migration
Hassle-free Malware Removal

Experience effortless WordPress malware removal services with the assistance of our WordPress experts.

Near-zero downtime
Near-zero downtime

We focus on helping you with the malware removal service without affecting the business continuity. 100% uptime is guaranteed during the service.

Expedited migrations within 12 hours
Expedited migrations within 12 hours

Experience our swift WordPress malware removal services within 12 hours of deployment.

30 days after delivery support
30 days after delivery support

Get continuous team support to ensure the smooth performance of your website up to 30 days after the service delivery.

Latest WordPress version
Latest WordPress version

With our security services and updates, you won't lose out on any latest features, as our services adhere to the latest WordPress versions.

Non Disclosure Agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement

We commit the confidentiality and security of your website data or related entities with a Non-Disclosure Agreement with mutual consent.

Our Edge

At WPclerks, we have skilled experts who are committed to secure your website from all WordPress malware threats, including phishing, SQL injection, or any malicious viruses. Their expertise and knowledge offer the best and hassle-free WordPress Malware removal services.

What all you get from us

Our Process

Tell us your requirement

Malware Removal Request

Our team discusses and understands your request to frame a malware removal strategy.

Custom offer

Initiate Baseline Scanning

We conduct a thorough website scan to detect the presence of any malware.

You Make the Payment

Secure Backups

Website data is backed up to provide security from attacks by malicious viruses.

Backup & Migration

Total Removal

We identify threats and execute a complete removal of malware from the website and its components.

Final Deliver for your review

Quality Validation

Finally, an extensive website assessment is carried out to ensure quality, security, and safety.

Get A Quote

Let it be the entire overhaul of the website content or some tweaks on your website, we have the WordPress developers to make sure your site is equipped for a powerful relaunch with WordPress migration.

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I downloaded and configured my first custom field in a matter of minutes. Thank you for providing a simple but effective solution for this! It’s developers that contribute to the free WordPress plugin repository.


This is by far the best product addons plugin I know. And I have tried them all by now I guess. And not only that, but the support is outstanding and without a doubt the best I’ve seen for any plugin. Highly recommended!


I rarely post reviews about a plugin. But I just bought the PRO version. And I must admit that it corresponds perfectly to what I was looking for. This plugin has a lot of potentials, and I am sure it will evolve well over the versions.


Great service. I needed a special fix on the plugin. When I bought it and they helped me in less than 24 hours to do what I wanted for my website.


This is by far the best product addons plugin I know. And I have tried them all by now I guess. And not only that, but the support is outstanding and without a doubt the best I’ve seen for any plugin. Highly recommended!


The plugin does what it says and much more than expected. I needed support and the support chat was nice and very helpful. I’m using the premium version, but it’s really worth it!

Omer Faruk
Omer Faruk

I searched for a day and finally found this plugin. It’s definitely the best I’ve ever tried! Simple, convenient and useful. Thank you!

Mayeenul Islam
Mayeenul Islam

First of all, loved the React-based UI – simple yet fully functional.

Luis Leal
Luis Leal

It is possible to add fields to items whose customized values are going to be saved in the WooCommerce order by category in a seamless way, it is exceedingly good. Plus it is coded in a clean and modular manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will be the onboarding process?

    After you fill out the contact form, our wordpress malware removal team will quickly get in touch with you using your preferred contact method. We will schedule a call to discuss your WordPress requirements in detail. Following this, we’ll send you a personalized quote and then guide you through the onboarding process

  • What is wordpress Malware Removal?

    WordPress malware removal is the process of detecting and eliminating harmful software from a WordPress website. It typically involves scanning the site for malware, backing up data, cleaning infected files, updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins to secure versions, and changing passwords. This process is crucial for website security and to prevent issues like data theft or site functionality problems.

  • How can I prevent future malware infections on my WordPress site?

    Regularly update WordPress, themes, and plugins, use strong passwords, install a security plugin, and choose a secure hosting provider.

  • How often should I scan my WordPress site for malware?

     For WordPress security, regular malware scans, including WordPress malware removal, are essential. A monthly scan is good, but consider more frequent scans for higher security, especially if your site handles sensitive data or experiences heavy traffic.

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